Phresh Phactory, Inc.
Growing the Business of Creativity

Is your team too small to lead it all?

Phresh Phactory, Inc. is a Management Consulting Firm for creativity based businesses and organizations.  We work alongside our clients to build long term relationships by performing much needed functions based on their specific goals. 

We work as a part of your management staff or advisory board to:  

  • Observe current operations
  • Suggest and implement a growth plan 
  • Improve the customer experience 
  • Build audiences and alliances
  • Incentivize employees and contractors
  • Negotiate better rates for services and materials
  •  Introduce and negotiate new business  
  • Monitor the results and repeat.

Are you doing everything that needs to be done? 

We work as a silent partner alongside our clients, building long term relationships and performing functions based on their specific goals. 

Now, we want to work with you.